Toilet Repair and Service Hudson, Ohio

Not much can get your attention like a malfunctioning toilet. Toilet problems are often summed up by comments like:

In addition there is a lot of talk recently in Hudson, OH about water conservation, and the use of newer low flow toilets.
At VIP Plumbing Inc. we know toilets. Our pleasant service people can be at you home in Hudson, OH fast, fix your toilet, and get your life back on track.

Rebuilt 3 Mansfield toilets with new fill valves and flappers. Also re caulked the shower base.

McCausland Drive HUDSON, OH

Install new Gerber Viper ADA toilet with seat. New wax ring and supply. Inspected toilet closet flange to make sure it was in good condition.

Bendleton Road HUDSON, OH

Replaced spud for toilet flushometer in woman's room handicap stall. Ran extra copper to isolate the hot side of the three lavs. Installed expansion tank on existing water heater.

Hudson Industrail Parkway HUDSON, OH